About us:

Slistter.com is an Ecommerce website which facilitates Buying, Selling and trading online. You can get the best offer from this portal ranging from brand new to used items. Slistter.com has a wide range of goods listed all over Czech Republic and beyond, which you can choose your preference and taste. On Slistter.com It is very fast, safe and secure to buy and sell. Slistter.com seeks to connecting sellers to potential buyers online.
Our mission is to be the avenue where you can find anything you want to buy and give you great value and a pleasant satisfaction on your shopping experience. We are looking forward to providing great seller and buyer service.
Our vision is to provide opportunities for everyone through e-commerce taking advantage internet and technology.
You can sign up for a free account to become a seller and list your items for it to be available for visitors from all over Czech Republic and beyond. You can visit and browse through the items listed on the site and buy them without having an account on slistter, it’s free and you are open to wide range of products and service like Electronics, Home & Garden, Fashion, Education, Sports, and Apartments and among others.
Slistter does not limit the kind of product one wants to sell on our site but we carefully review your listings before we publish them on our site. Slistter.com gives opportunity to sellers and anyone who seeks to optimize and broaden their market in any country and any state or region as long as they follow our rules. You don’t need to be in the Czech Republic to list your items on our website but make sure the products you list is of high quality and high standards.
We are encouraging everyone to make good use of this site to create jobs and opportunities economically and socially.
For more information, Please refer to contact us.
Good Luck and have fun on this friendly shopping platform.